Lexus Hoverboard is no more a concept, it is real and rideable (w/Video)

Lexus Hoverboard

The ultra-imaginative Lexus Hoverboard teaser which was too tech savvy to be real has finally been released and it still forces me to pinch myself hard. Such is the magic of superconductors and magnets cooled down by liquid nitrogen that it still seems like dream far-off to me. But Lexus Hoverboard is real and professional skateboarder Ross McGouran should feel like a god for riding it first-up. Equally lucky is Robb Holland, an American race drive and Jailopnik contributor who got the invite to ride this one of a kind Hoverboard.

Lexus Hoverboard

As both these sportsmen discovered, the Hoverboard is not at all an easy ride since it floats 4 inches above the ground. And when one gets on-board, the ride height reduces 1-3 inches more depending on the weight of person riding it!

It is like walking on a tight rope and quite difficult to ride

It is almost like walking a tight rope from point A to point B; and although Ross got the hang if it (that’s expected of a professional skateboarder) after quite a few rides, Robb had a hard time getting to terms with the Hoverboard.

None-the-less it was an out of world experience for both of them and as you can see from the video, Ross managed to pull off some cool stunts on the Lexus Hoverboard after a few spills during practice sessions.

The hoverboard works on magnetic levitation technology that keeps it afloat

Lexus Hoverboard is based on the concept of manglev technology which uses magnetic field for levitation and forward thrust. And to make that possible the skateboarding arena has to be fitted with expensive magnets underneath park to make it possible. That in itself is quite a difficult task but the makers managed to do it flawlessly.

Now that is one expensive way to ride a skateboard just for 10 minutes, since the Hoverboard requires to be filled with liquid nitrogen or otherwise the magnets will get hot and malfunction. And the temperature inside the hoverboard has to be maintained at -300 degrees which can be a bit too cold for the riders at times.

This almost looks like some fiction sequence of a movie, but to everyone’s delight it is real. The makers say that although the Hoverboard is still in its infancy stage, it could lead to some amazing new ways to commute in the future.

Right now it is a very costly affair but in the future it will give way to interesting new developments and technology that strikes gold.

As Haruhiko Tanahashi, Lexus Chief Engineer put it very aptly;

There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring it out how!



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