Flair smart clothing uses your skin to enhance body control

lotta-julkunen-flair smart clothing

Smart wearable fitness gadgets are all the rage these days; whether you believe it or not, wearable tech is going to reach our clothing in more effective manner sooner than we imagine. And, it will be the next big thing to wearable gadgets. While most developers are working on ways to integrate sensors into the clothing and sync these with our smartphones, there is a Royal College of Art graduate Lotta Julkunen, who has developed smart clothing which thrives on our skins ability to pick tactile signals. The wearable called Flair provides tactile information about wearer’s body movement facilitating enhancement of body awareness and control.

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Flair is Julkunen’s final year project at college. The smart clothing has whisker-like flexible fabrics which bend and vibrate to send feedback to the wearer through his skin. The Flair provides tactile information about position, location, orientation and the body movement. The cues produced by the smart clothing can be used to improve their body control while dancing, walking or exercising.

lotta-julkunen-flair smart wearable clothing
The Flair flexible fibers come in contact with the skin, while they react to external forces and then when they bend and vibrate, the skin picks the tactile information. This inform the wearer exactly which body parts and or muscles are being used, which helps the user to have better body control without the use of any sensors or external devices.



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