Maxplo All Weather Concept Tire takes on any terrain and weather conditions with ease

Kumho Maxplo all weather concept tires

Kumho Maxplo all-weather concept tires

Driving a high performance vehicle on a varying terrain requires specially crafted tires that provide grip and balance. But in real world situation it is practically impossible to create a high performance tire that can take on any kind of surface like rain, snow or sand. For each of these weather conditions you’ll need a different set of tires which provide the needed grip and traction.

Kumho Maxplo concept tires

Movable tire treads that adjust to varying driving conditions

To give us a vision of how future tires will look like, A’ Design Award and Competition has announced the winner of Platinum A’ Design Award in Futuristic Design Competition category. Maxplo All Weather Concept Tire developed by Kumho Tires previews the future of on-road commuting with tire treads that can be customized in real time to suit the terrain which is quite practical.

The tire adjusts its treads depending on weather conditions and kind of terrain

Maxplo tire is an airless wheel that has movable treads which can align in different configurations to deal with extremely different road conditions like snow or rain. The placement of treads changes to provide aquaplaning in rainy conditions which drives water away from the tire’s contact with road. While the same tire adjusts treads to gain superior grip on snowy surface for maximum traction.

Kumho Maxplo all weather concept tires

The treads are powered by a hydrogen fuel electric hub

The treads of this futuristic tire are powered by a hydrogen fuel electric hub which adjusts the treads in any configuration with the push of a button or automatically by detection with sensors. Somehow, it seems to me that the design is a bit like the Hankook Concept Tires that have similar functionality. Anyways, both these concepts have similar vision and it won’t be surprising that such tires may be 3D printed in the future.

Kumho Maxplo all weather concept tires

Future electric cars will run on such all-terrain tires

Via: CarAdvice



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