MARS is the world’s first unmanned ship with plenty of drones on-board

Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship MARS

Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS)

Plymouth University, autonomous specialists MSubs and award-winning yacht designer Shutterworth Design have joined forces to design an unmanned ship that will set sail across the Atlantic Ocean. This fully autonomous ship dubbed as Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS) will have lots of drones aboard which will help in conducting various experiments while on course.

Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship MARS

The ship will set sail for its maiden journey in 2020

This multi-million dollar project will take almost two and a half years to complete and if everything goes according to plan, then its first voyage will commence in 2020. That apparently also happens to be the year of the 400th anniversary of original Mayflower sailings from Plymouth to the North American continent.

This vessel will have drones that will conduct experiment and collect educational

Not only will the ship be autonomous but it will also be fueled by renewable sources of energy like wind, solar and other pioneering technologies under development. This will also help in marine research and shipping innovation that will pave way for the future of this huge industry that has somehow got stagnant.

The prime motivating factor for constructing such a vessel is neglected use of modern day technology in ships. We have put rovers on Mars surface, but shipping industry has somehow not been touched by such autonomous technology.

Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship MARS

It will be powered by wind and solar energy

Professor Kevin Jones, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University, said:

MARS has the potential to be a genuine world-first, and will operate as a research platform, conducting numerous scientific experiments during the course of its voyage. And it will be a test bed for new navigation software and alternative forms of power, incorporating huge advancements in solar, wave and sail technology. As the eyes of the world follow its progress, it will provide a live educational resource to students – a chance to watch, and maybe participate in history in the making.

Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship MARS

This will be a huge leap for shipping industry

Credit: ShipTechnology



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