Altra IQ running shoe tracks your running routine, acts as real-time coach

Altra IQ running shoe

There are fitness wearables that collect and analyze your running data, now a shoe visions to do just that. Altra Running has come out with a new Altra IQ running shoe, which can collect data about the wearer’s running stride to make them better informed of their personal running habits. The Altra IQ is embedded with razor thin multi-sensor system, which is placed (very secretly) in the shoe’s midsole with a transmitter to track running exactly down to wearer’s technique. The shoe comes with iFit app, which receives the data from the shoe over Bluetooth and then offers real-time coaching in addition to aggregation and analysis of data.

Altra Running says its new shoe features their proprietary sole and embedded sensor they keep track of wearer’s foot movement, stride zone, foot impact, pressure on each foot and distance travelled while running. All this data is transmitted to the iFit app or the iFit GPS watch over Bluetooth.

Priced at $200, the Altra IQ running shoe will be launched in spring next year. The shoes are going to be really comfortable and safe to wear in rain.

Altra IQ running shoe iFit app

Source: BusinessWire / Via: SlashGear



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