World’s smallest circular saw is perfect for Lilliput woodworkers!

World's smallest circular saw

In a world so colossal, humanity is always fascinated by all things small. There are numerous records for fascinating things that are small; and this DIY is also about something so tiny, you might not even notice it. This is the world’s smallest circular saw made by pro New Zealand DIYer Lance Abernethy who also made a tiny little functional drill. Although this circular saw does not serve any practical purpose, but still it is fascinating.

Making such a tiny saw would be very difficult to craft, but then we have a manufacturing technology called 3D printing that makes everything and anything possible. Using the Ultimaker 2 3D printer, Lance set out on designing the four individual parts of this small circular saw. Thereafter, he painstakingly assembled them together to complete the DIY.

The saw is powered by a hearing aid battery which triggers it to set into motion with the push of a button.

For now the saw does nothing more than grab some attention, but Lance plans to improve on the design and make a tiny saw that can cut through wood.

World's smallest circular saw

Via: Gizmodo



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