Tesla Motors announcement: Model X SUV coming this fall and Snake Charger prototype makes first appearance

Tesla Model X SUV

Tesla Model X SUV

After the success of Model S sedan, Tesla Motors is now looking to expand into other automotive segments too. The gull-winged electric SUV named Model X has been officially announced by Elon Musk on Wednesday and is slated to ship by this Fall. The all-wheel drive seven-seater vehicle has opened slots for booking and you’ll have to shell out $5000 just to reserve it, let alone price of the SUV which is going to be somewhere around $50,000 and upwards.

Tesla Motors Snake charger

The gull-winged electric SUV will be shipped this September

This SUV had been announced way back in 2012 but due to trouble with the part suppliers, it got delayed by almost three years. Now, finally Tesla Motors has got it back on track and 20,000 early bookers will get their hands on it by September. If you book it now, due to a long list of buyers the date of shipment will stretch to mid-2016.

In another revelation by Tesla Motors, Elon Musk lived upto his promise of making an electric car charger that automatically connects to the charging unit. Have a look at this snake like charger that connects to the Model S, once it is in position and the charger cap is opened-up. Tesla Motors uploaded a video to its Twitter feed yesterday saying; “Charger prototype finding its way to Model S”

Since it is just a prototype as of now, so don’t expect it to be lurking around as Tesla charging stations, but yes it is going to be the way futuristic electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars are powered.



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