World’s smallest electric personal commuter looks like a laptop cooling pad

WalkCar personal commuter

WalkCar personal commuter is ultra-portable

Personal commuting is seen by many as the future of transportation. No wonder it is the truth seeing the number of vehicles on the road and even constricting spaces. The personal commuters that we have seen thus far are all compact and ideal for short trips to the mall or your local store. This is WalkCar, a personal commuter that beats them all for size since it is no bigger than a laptop.

Created by a Japanese graduate engineering student, this portable electric commuter is very neatly designed for ultra-portability. Weighing just 6 pounds also adds to its feature list. The commuter is still in prototype stage and looks good to make it to the production stage once the entrepreneuring student manages to get the right amount of funds.

Carry WalkCar in your backpack and you’re good for a ride anywhere, anytime

Filed under Cocoa Motors, this personal mobility vehicle is controlled by body movement that reminds me of Segway like commuters. Just take the electric commuter out of your bag, stand on it and you a good to go on a joy ride.

As I said earlier WalkCar is in its prototyping stage and we look forward to its production version soon.



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