Daredevil jetpack riders set Guinness Word record for synchronized water flight

Jetpack Guinness World Record

New jetpack Guinness World Record

Jetpack give you wings, literally, don’t you think so? The most fascinating way to let loose and hit freedom, shooting into thin air like a kingfisher. Watching someone with a jetpack on gives such an adrenaline rush, just imagine doing it for yourself. Ok, enough of the melodrama talk, let’s concentrate on this Guinness World Record that took place in the city of Cavalaire sur mer located in South France.

58 daredevil jetpack riders put up a performance that got engraved in the Guinness World Record books for the largest water jet pack flight formation. The record was not just about riding jetpacks in sync, but also about a themed ride that reminded me of the dolphins riding in a pack to destination unknown.

One eye-catchy Guinness World Record which had some cool stunts and synchronized moves

The record setting jetpack riders included 2015 North American Flyboard Champion Damone Rippy and many other who stamped the books with their signature moves. Yes, Dampone performed his ‘Eye of the Storm’ move to perfection. The video that recorded this world record attempt is put together beautifully and the music just nails it perfectly.

Just watch it and enjoy the next age water sports fantasy at its best. And yes don’t forget to watch the dolphin like moves carefully, you’ll love it to the core.

Source: GuinnessWorldRecords



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