Utterly insane: Fitting a Porsche 911 Turbo with iPhones as brake pads!

iPhones used as porsche 911 turbo brake pads

iPhones used as porsche 911 turbo brake pads while driving at 60 mph

Driving in your car downhill a mountain and the brakes feel a little spongy and unresponsive. With civilization nowhere near, you can’t risk driving the car anymore and the only way out is replacing your car’s brakes with iPhones. That is the craziest thing I’ve heard in a long time and as mundane as it may sound, guys over at [EverythingApplePro] Youtube channel did it. Picturing this worst case scenario with a bunch of friends having iPhones (and willing to sacrifice them) seems very unlikely, but hey, that’s what craziness is all about.

To do this insane experiment, these blokes used a Porsche 911 Turbo which is replaced with large brake calipers from a 2002 911 Carrera that are perfect to fit iPhones on both sides. They fitted the front portion with 4 iPhone 5S handsets (two for each brake caliper) and 4 iPhone 4S phones on the rear axles.

Each of the phones is fixed keeping the screen of half of them facing towards the rotors and others facing the inward direction. This makes sure that the experiment is tested extensively rom every possible strain levels. To affix the unfortunate smartphones to the brake shims epoxy is used that holds them perfectly in place.

Riding a car at 60 mph with 8 iPhones as your brakes is not a good idea

After fixing the smartphones they drove the car at 20 mph, 40 mph and 60mph to test the brakes. After the individual runs, smartphones on the front end caught fire owing to penetration in the lithium-ion battery, but nothing that dramatic (like shown in the movies where the whole car explodes). Amazingly, out of the 8 iPhone, one survived with functional display (although touchscreen wasn’t working).

As you would imagine the phones were in pretty bad condition after this beating and it would not be a good idea to try this thing yourself.

Source: EveryThingApplePro



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