Make your own Star Wars themed Foosball table

Star Wars stormtrooper foosball table

Foosball game is a good pass time for stress busting and it lets all the frustration out of the system. But the foosball game never got a visual upgrade until now. Thanks to 3D printing, Youmagine designer [Excite] got the unique idea of turning boring foosball props into exciting Star Wars themed Storm troopers that looking strikingly cool.

Star Wars stormtrooper foosball table_1

Initially he was going to 3D print the entire wardrobe for the foosball players of the Sportcraft Foosball table, but he took a wise decision of 3D printing only the heads and putting them on top of the existing players. Pretty intuitive, money and time saving.

To make things easier he borrowed the design of Stormtrooper head from a project made by Christopher Zuk. To add detail like face expression and eyes, [Excite] used permanent marker. Thereafter it was all fun in Star Wars style!

Star Wars stormtrooper foosball table_2

Via: 3DPrint



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