Mount GoPro to this snorkeling mask and document any underwater adventure in POV

GoPro Underwater Mask

Scuba diving adventures are always mesmerizing as you go on appreciating the underwater life. Keeping this in mind Thanko launched a waterproof swimming goggles with in-built waterproof HD camera that shoot first-person-view videos in high quality. Now the Japanese manufacturer of cheeky gadgets is back with a similar kind of scuba diving goggles, but with one major difference.

GoPro Underwater Mask

Instead of having a built-in camera the googles have a slot to mount Go Pro HERO4/HERO3/HERO2; thereby giving you more flexibility if you own more than one GoPro camera. This is a very intelligent product by Thanko, since it gives you the freedom to rejoice any underwater adventure without the need to worry about holding a waterproof camera in your hand.

Just put on the GoPro Underwater Mask and mount your GoPro on it, hit the record button on the side of the mask and you are good to document you every underwater voyage in HD quality. The goggles weigh 237 grams (excluding the weight of GoPro) which is acceptable and can be used as a normal snorkeling mask when you need a secret underwater escape. GoPro Underwater Mask is priced at 5,980 Yen ($48 approx.) and you can order it right away from the product page.

GoPro Underwater Mask_7

GoPro Underwater Mask

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