Afterburner Bluetooth speaker adds mega-bass to your phone’s music

Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker hanging

If you like your music slightly louder than the earphones or if you have been looking for a neat speaker solution for tailgating and outdoor parties, ThinkGeek may have a Bluetooth speaker for you. $199.99 Afterburner Portable Speaker syncs with any Bluetooth device and delivers highest quality bass sound with up to 38W of audio power. Quite interestingly, Afterburner Bluetooth speaker lets you take control of your party playlist using nothing else but your iOS, Window or Android device.

Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The Afterburner Bluetooth speaker measure over 2 feet long, but at only 18 pounds it is pretty handy to tote around. As Thinkgeek puts it, the speaker is ideal for anyone who likes a ‘jet engine strapped to their side blasting mega-bass.’ You can also have the Afterburner placed on a desk or in the boot of your car to enjoy blasting music. It comes with a standard audio input jack, so you can connect your phone to it via cable and save on battery otherwise drained out by Bluetooth.

Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker back

With a wireless range of about 40 feet, the Afterburner Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in battery (no wireless charging yet), and also offers P-127J slots to plug in a microphone and guitar. There are separate level controls for the two. The speaker guarantees and sound output of 20W RMS on battery and higher, 38W RMS when connected to AC adapter.

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