Unique rubber transistor is highly flexible and ideal for smart clothing

Rubber-based transistor AIST

When it comes to fabricating smart clothing, right choice of transistors for embeddable sensors has been one of the major challenges for researchers and developers. Now, a transistor that claims to be soft and flexible like clothes has shown a new ray of hope. The transistor made from rubber is a research work of scientists from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. AIST transistor has been confirmed to have very high tensile strength, which makes it highly resistant to bending, stretching and breaking.

Rubber-based transistor AIST-1

The transistor is made to perform well under high pressure, so even when the transistor is stepped on with high heels, it doesn’t break or tear and tends to perform equally well. It has been also been tested for being washproof, and resistant to bending and breaking when washed. Owing to its flexible nature and good performance, the transistor can find applicable use on sensors to be used in interactive clothing or even smart implants.

Besides the aforementioned advantages, the transistor is made silicon rubber measuring well under 1mm in thickness. The transistor is formed using source electrodes, gate electrodes, gate dielectric film and drain electrodes, and each electrode’s electrical conductivity is increased with a mixture or rubber and single-walled carbon nanotubes.

Rubber-based transistor AIST-2

The transistor also features gel-like material which provides it real flexibility. So much so that the transistor does not change its property even after being repeatedly stretched on all sides to increase its length by over than 1,000 percent.

Via: Tech-on



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