Google Life Sciences team is developing wearable glucose monitor for diabetics

Dexcom Google Life Science working on wearable glucose monitor

Picture of Dexcom’s currently available glucose monitor

Google Life Sciences division, now officially a standalone subsidiary of Alphabet, has been in the news for developing smart contact lens to measure glucose levels in diabetes patients. Now, just days after becoming a subsidiary of Alphabet, Life Sciences division has partnered with Dexcom to develop new products for people with diabetes, including a wearable and disposable glucose monitoring device. The new device in works will be connected to the Cloud and is said to be the size of a bandage.

The partnership with DexCom, a recognized manufacturer of glucose monitoring systems means the device could be ready for patients soon. Dexcom is said to provide sensors for the wearable glucose monitoring device, while Life Science team would devise ultra-small electronics for the device.

If early reports are believed, the new wearable glucose monitor will be low cost, and could “replace finger sticks and become the standard of care.”

Though, we are assuming the disposable glucose monitoring device to be readied soon, there is no official word on it from either partnering companies.

Via: TechTimes



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