Apple Watch band additions – standalone Modern Buckle and bands for fat wrists

Apple Watch bands

Apple recently added three new accessories for the Apple Watch. The Cupertino giant began selling standalone version of the 38mm Modern Buckle band – this is for the first time Apple will sell the Modern Buckle without the Apple Watch since the Watch was launched in April this year. The Modern Buckle band appears to be one solid buckle but actually it has a two piece magnetic closure, which secures the band to the wrist.

The Modern Buckle band is made from Granada leather, which is sourced from one-off tannery in France. According to Apple, this is the same material which ‘NASA used to make landing airbags for the Mars Rover spacecraft.’ Interestingly, the leather band is reinforced with layer of Vectran weave to make it flexible and stretchable.

Alongside the Modern Buckle, Apple also introduced two new bands for the Apple Watch – the Link Bracelet Kit and a Sport band. While Link Bracelet Kit costs $49 and features six additional links to expand the band to fit any wrist size up to 245mm thick, the Sport band comes in L/XL sizes to fit up to 245mm wrists. Amusingly, even the Sports band will cost $49. The Link Bracelet Kit will come in silver color and the Sports band will be available in black and white colors to choose from.



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