Polyera’s Wove Band with bendable glass display wraps around the wrist

Polyera Wove Band

It’s 2015 and we still don’t have truly bendable displays amid us. Come 2016 we could have gadgets which don’t just curve but are flexible enough to bend, twist and even roll up like a yoga mat. All thanks to Chicago-based start-up called Polyera which has been developing slap-on bracelet-like Wove Band, which has a flexible display that can be wrapped around the wrist. Polyera has spent last 10 years trying to build this really useful display, which could change the way electronic devices are made today.

Designed primarily to provide new applications and an extraordinary experience; something none of us have experienced with our rigid devices thus far. According to the company, wearable device manufacturers would be the first to embrace this truly flexible display technology.

The Wove Band is Polyera’s own effort to display its technology potential. The Band will feature an elongated, rectangular-shaped glass display that can be easily worn around the wrist. The wearable Wove Band uses immensely low power touchscreen, which remains on all the time. The Band feature an electronic ink display with Polyera Digital Fabric Technology, which makes the display really energy efficient and flexible.

The Wove Band is made to display news headlines, emails and weather forecasts on the tap of your finger. To make the band more independent, Polyera is planning to launch its own App Store from where users would be able to source content for the Wove Band when it is available in mid 2016.

While that’s a distant date, developers will be able to pre-order this units beginning September, and the device could be shipped in December.

Polyera flexible technology isn’t the first attempt at such a display, but the flexible tech enabled Wove Band does seem promising. In addition to the e-ink display embedded Wove Band; Polyera is believed to be working on flexible sensors and OLED displays.

Source: Polyera / Via: CNN



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