Volkswagen making a self-driving baby stroller, but is it safe?

Self-driving stroller with automatic braking system

Self-driving baby stroller with automatic braking system

Baby strollers have always been a popular way to commute little ones in style. And for that very reason Volkswagen is developing an automated stroller that makes sure your kid is not in harm’s way. This stroller came into existence as a result of an idea sharing drill by the Automotive giant. When asked about products they could improve other than cars; one suggestion came as a stroller that could automatically brake.

Hence Volkswagen decided to make a baby stroller than could automatically stop in case parents lost hold of the stroller downhill. Obviously Volkswagen wasn’t going to stop at that and therefore made it into a self-driving stroller that can follow the parents.

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To do this the stroller is fitted with VW Golf’s adaptive cruise sensor which maintain a small distance between the parents and the stroller. This frees you as a parent from the hassle of pushing or pulling the stroller which can be really tiring at times. The stroller is being developed under curtains by the German automaker and they have made a working prototype of it to give us a glimpse of future stroller technology.

But the real question is, would you rely on a self-driving stroller with your child inside it? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, VW is hard at work in developing an ultra-safe stroller that is self-driven, just like some other self-driving vehicles under the scanner lately.

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