Team USA’s robot on Kickstarter for colossal funding to fight its Japanese counterpart

Megabots funding on Kickstarter to fight Kurtas robot

Battle of the giant robots, and if you add national pride to it nothing can beat that. A month earlier Megabots challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a fight between their respective robots Mark ll and Kurtas. The Japanese accepted it and also said that the challenge wasn’t exciting enough for them and they would beat the U.S. robot fair and square.

Megabots funding on Kickstarter

That looks to have not gone down very well with the Megabots team and to turn their giant robotic fight machine into an invincible juggernaut, they have turned to Kickstarter for help. Setting a funding goal of $500,000 as minimum and $1.5 million as the optimum target, the U.S. team wants to leave nothing to chance. They just want to turn it into a 12,000 pound humanoid that is feared by everyone and obviously its Japanese competitor.

Now it’s a battle of two nations fighting for robotics supremacy

It is not surprising that already they are on course to achieve the $500,000 goal which will give the robot weaponry, self-balancing capability, life support system, high performance track base and armor for protection. For the self-balancing capability, the team plans to collaborate with IHMC Robotics to come-up with an exemplary system which is second to none. The heart of this robot will be the life support system on which Megabots is longing to work NASA. Lastly, they have a Hollywood like artistic look in mind to intimidate Kurtas.

Boy, this is building into a battle of nations with the whole nation backing for their team. I hope the Japanese team is also working on getting some funding to upgrade the robot.



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