Darth Vader Electric Guitar for a Star Wars fan

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Darth Vader, the superhero of this universe and the super villain of Star Wars is quite popular among DIY’ers and artists. For his sheer presence and cool looking apparel that he carries so well, the Sci-fi villan won’t fade away soon in popularity. It is quite obvious that cool stuff themed around Darth Vader sell like hot cakes. This electric guitar by Etsy user [RainyDayInstruments] is also right up there amongst the Darth Vader merchandize that you would die for.

Darth Vader Electric Guitar is completely handmade and carved out from oak wood which also makes it exclusive. There is an impressive Dean Flying V neck that follow down to a razorblade inlay on the 12th fret. The guy who has made it says he has an experience of over 20 years in guitar making and claims that the guitar is unique and not a replication of any kind.

The Etsy seller is giving it off in limited numbers for a price tag $555. That might sound a bit too pricy, but hey, you won’t get it in any shop I bet.

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