iPhone 6S is much stronger than its predecessor, Bendgate won’t be an issue

iPhone 6S bend test

No one will ever know how many iPhone 6 Plus devices got affected by the bendgate issue near the power button/volume rocker. Some reported it after an extensive inspection, while others didn’t think of it as much of a problem. Even though most of the industry experts said that the issue affected only a small amount of users, but still Apple was a bit rattled by the whole fiasco. Proof enough is the change in casing of the iPhone 6S which has aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum and a thicker anodized coating as compared to iPhone 6.

When Bendgate issue propped-up, the industry had mixed reactions on what to make it. The real problem came when users started reporting bend in their device near the volume rocker buttons, and that too with proof. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus shell is made from 6000 series aluminum and making a shift to 7000 series aluminum which is 5 times more pricey clearly shows Apple’s concern about Bendgate issue.

iPhone 6S bend test

As Unbox Therapy found out, the new casing is almost three times stronger than the older one. As you can see from the video, The iPhone 6 casing bends at a force of 30 pounds while the iPhone 6S casing took a beating of 80 pounds before succumbing to the pressure.

This is good news for people who want to buy iPhone 6S, but mind you it implies a much pricier smartphone I’m sure.

Via: TechInsider



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