Hybrid Power iPhone 6 Case packs more power, protection and sound

Hybrid Power iPhone 6 case

From my experience, iPhone 6 is practically the best phone you can lay your hands on. But it’s not all merry; the smartphone has poor battery life and is slightly slippery in the hand. As a solution to these problems, Live Work Play is working on a Hybrid Power Case for the iPhone 6. Touted as ‘the case Apple should have made’ – the Hybrid Power Case is meant to increase your phone’s battery performance, make the speakers sound better, and allows you to use iPhone 6 handsfree for Facetime or Skype, thanks to its built-in kickstand.

Packed in with extra battery offering 170 percent extra battery power, and a kickstand; the Hybrid Power Case still feels light and comfortable in the hand. Made from soft touch metallic rubber composite, the case is comfortable to grip and has all the opening at the right place for camera, flash, side buttons, lightning connector, earphones port etc.

Hybrid Power iPhone 6 case-1

Measuring 15mm thick and weighing only 3.3g, the ultra-thin and lightweight Hybrid Power Case promises to add 21 hours of talktime, 15 hours of web surfing/chatting and good 75 hours of music to the existing ability of the iPhone 6.

Besides, the Hybrid Power Case is engineered with two speaker canals, made ideally to redirect audio waves from the iPhone’s speakers towards you – increasing speaker performance significantly. The case also comes with a built-in kickstand that positions the iPhone 6 perfectly for Skype or FaceTime and in other situations when you are streaming media and you want to go handsfree.

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This is something we all needed – Hybrid Power Case features quick charging technology. What this means; you can charge your iPhone 6 fully in under two hours! Interestingly then, you don’t need any additional cables to charge the Hybrid Power Case.

Live Work Play has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The company is offering Hybrid Power Case for $45, early bird price; it will retail for $89.99.

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