Jigsurf: 3D printed surfboard you can carry in a duffle bag

Jigsurf 3D printed surfboard

Riding the waves on your surfboard is fun and thrilling, but taking your surfboard from one place to the other is a big hassle. A normal surfboard measures anywhere between 5’7” to 9’4”, which makes it extremely bulky to transport. Seeing this predicament as a major speedbump in the ability of a surfer to commute easily, prompted Robotham to make a 3D printed surfboard that can be carried in your bag.

Robotham who is a student in Industrial Design at Victoria University in wellington, New Zealand, took a detour from the usual surfboard design that involves a single piece of material to craft the surfboard he calls Jigsurf. He made it into a collapsible 3D printed surfboard that can fit inside a duffle bag.

According to him;

As a young surfer in Whakatane, there were many days where all I wanted was to be out in the break surfing. Due to the size, shape and weight of my surfboard I was forced to wait for my parents to finish work to give me a lift to the beach or ask my sister (which as a far as a last resorts goes this was a big one).

The first step was that of thinking how I was going to break down a surfboard. Initially thinking telescopic, I moved on to Folding and Collapsing then finally thought of making it like a Jigsaw/ Lego having bits interlock and connect making a full scale board.

After tinkering around with the testing models, he finally created a real-size 3D printed surfboard which has 48 jigsaw-like pieces. Connect all these pieces and you have fully-functional surfboard ready to take on the ocean waves. After you are done with all the wave riding fun, simply disassemble it and pack it in your bag to head to the location to show off your skills.

The surfboard is still in its prototype testing stage and Robotham wants to make sure that it is ultra-safe to use before pushing it into production.

Jigsurf 3D printed surfboard

Source: JamesDysonAward Via: 3DPrint



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