FotoKite Phi: The simplest drone that can do some major tasks

FotoKite drone

Drones and playful quadcopters have grown in stature in the last few years simply because of their multitude of uses. Whether is about shooting stunning footage from aerial view or taking selfie footage while you perform skateboarding stunts; drones have limitless possibilities. But over time they have become more complex and it was imperative that there would arrive a drone so simple that even a kid could use it. Meet FotoKite Phi, a drone which looks to be inspired from kite and is more of a toy on leash.

Probably one of the simplest flying camera that I have seen so far, FotoKite Phi is an affordable UAV that you always wanted. There is no GPS or complex landing gear which cuts the cost substantially and also saves on battery life. It fits inside a cylindrical bottle the size of a thermos and when needed you just take it out and launch it in the air. Control its movement by loosening or tightening the leash and to steer it move the hand in intended direction.

You can attach a GoPro camera to the drone and shoot videos or take selfies when intended. The current prototype version of this drone has 15 minutes of flight time that includes powering up the GoPro. When you are done with the shooting you just have to pull the 8 meter retractable cord and the drone can be folded to its sleeping position.

The project is up on IndieGoGo for funding and we’ll see some major improvements then. For ones who back the project, PhotoKite will come with a price tag of $289 while the retail version will cost $500 USD.

FotoKite drone

Via: TheVerge



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