Battlecade gaming console by Love Hulten fits inside a small briefcase

Battlecade portable gaming console

Retro gaming consoles and their DIY counterparts always attract attention for all the right reasons. Simply because arcade gaming will never lose its essence, come what may. Modders like Ben Heck always push the envelope of modding and things possible with DIY projects. Not far behind is Love Hulten who has come-up with some really cool PC mods in the past and now he is back with yet another creation.

This is Battlecade, a portable gaming console for two players which is inspired by the classic game Battleship. As compared to the classic side-by-side setup of the console, Hulten incorporates a unique design in which the player’s sit facing each other and play game on the 12” LCD screens placed opposite to one another. In effect, this console is portable and saves space since the two screens fit easily inside the walnut wood box which acts as the base for placing joysticks and other gaming controls.

All the accessories like power supply and detachable joystick fits like a charm inside the 30x22x16 cm box. When it is not in use, it folds-up like a briefcase and you can transport it anywhere with ease. That’s one nifty idea to make a console with dual screen, but that is what you expect from a seasoned DIYer like Hulten.

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Battlecade portable gaming console

Battlecade portable gaming console_1

Battlecade portable gaming console_3

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Battlecade portable gaming console



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