James Dyson Award winning 3D prosthetic hand is an affordable prosthetic for all

James dyson award winner

25-year-old, James Dyson Award winner, Joel Gibbard has developed a low cost 3D printed robotic prosthetic limb which can be custom produced in under 40 hours. This prestigious Award has always been about innovation and creativity – and when a design student comes up with a viable, cost effective solution that can change more than a few lives for good; recognition is due. Undoubtedly, Open Bionics, as Gibbard’s 3D prosthetic hand is called, has been adjudged winner of the UK leg of the James Dyson Award.

Amputees around the world find it difficult to cope with their injuries, and then have to struggle to find a viable prosthetic limb which can provide them freedom. Currently available prosthetic limbs are either too cumbersome to use, lack freedom of movement beyond a point or are very costly to afford. Open Bionics by Plymouth University robotics graduate Gibbard is out on its way to change all of this.

The 3D printed robotic prosthetic hand is entirely printed and assembled to meet user requirement. Each customized limb can be custom made in less than 40 hours for a cost well under £1,000 (approx. $1600).

Each hand is 3D printed to perform almost all the task that any expensive prosthetic hand out there can, a reason Gibbard’s innovation has bagged him with UK’s James Dyson Award, wherein he will receive a £2,000 (approx. $3200) as prize money. The money will be spent in buying a new 3D printer to make the prototyping process much quicker

James dyson award winner

Talking about the complications in development and the motive behind his creation, Gibbard said,

We’ve encountered many challenges in designing our hands but the reactions of the individuals we help fuel our perseverance to bring them to market. My aim is for Open Bionics to disrupt the prosthetics industry by offering affordable prosthetics for all.

The 3D printed hand design has been forwarded to the international competition of James Dyson Award. Winner of the international competition will receive £30,000 (approx. 47,500) and will be announced on September 17.

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