ShockStop is a bike accessory that smoothens your ride by 70%

ShockStop bike accessory

All of us have been riding bikes for ages now, and still one thing remains the same. The impact shocks that you get while riding rough terrain can result in body ache and discomfort if done for a very long time. The saddle does absorb majority of the impact coming from the rear wheel, but the shocks coming from the front wheel are transferred directly to the rider’s body. This leads to discomfort and pain, especially when you have to take on uneven terrain for long duration of time. Not only does it lead to chances of a chronic injury, but also force you as a rider to cut down on speed while riding.

Redshift Sports ShockStop bike accessory

Redshift Sports is about to change all that with their new invention called ShockStop which is a shock absorbing bike stem that smoothens your ride three folds. Consequently it isolates your upper body from roughness of the road and also gives you the freedom to ride the bike much faster. In tests it was observes that ShockStop reduces the force transmitted to the hands by up to 70% which is quiet dramatic.

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This single-pivot shock-absorbing suspension stem improves the front-end ride quality without affecting any of the mechanical systems of your modern day bike. The accessory comes with adjustable stiffness level and other riding ergonomics which makes it well-suited for recreational as well as occasional commuters.

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ShockStop has just been launched on Kickstarter and already backers are liking the idea and it looks likely that it will be fully funded. The minimum price as of now is $89 and that is a good deal for bike riders who demand more from their ride. As usual the retail version of ShockStop is going to cost more, so if you think it is a good bike accessory, invest on it right now!

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