Youtube Gaming is what all the gamers wanted

Youtube Gaming

To compete with Amazon’s which concentrates on dedicated gamers community, Youtube will launch its own version later today. Pitched as the “go-to destination for anything and everything gaming” this new service dubbed Youtube Gaming will serve as a one stop destination for gamers. Keeping in mind the likes of gamers who want to learn A-Z of their favorite games, this new service will organize videos the way you want them.

Youtube Gaming will work for all users across the globe and this comes as a welcome news for gamers who like to archive everything and anything about games. For example learning all the tricks in FIFA 15 or seeking out for ways to win in racing games like NFS.

In a way it will narrow down your searches to only gaming filter and help you as a gamer to gain more from Youtube. For example if you type-in “Need” inside this gaming service you’ll get the result(s) “Need for speed” instead of all the other search results.

The service streaming at 60 fps will allow viewers to chat with other members while livestreaming and creators will be able to monitor these comments from app also.

Youtube Gaming is all set to go live on August 26 at 10am PT, 1pm ET and 6pm BT. We will have a detailed review on the service at that time, stay tuned.

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