Portable LG Rolly Keyboard with tactile feedback is the upcoming hot accessory

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

The demand for mobile accessories is already on the high and it will only grow further owing to the increasing demand of mobile devices. Seeing this as a chance to cash-in, LG has introduced the world’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard which will be shown-off at the upcoming IFA 2015 even in Berlin, Germany. The LG Rolly Keyboard (KBB-700) folds along the four rows and takes the shape of a rectangular stick which can be carried easily in your pocket or bag.

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices

Foldable keyboard which is ideal for your tablet and smartphone

Unlike other portable flexible silicone keyboards that sometimes lack tactile feedback, LG Rolly has physical feedback similar to that of a conventional desktop keyboard. Talking about the numbers, it has 17mm key pitch which is similar to that of desktop keyboard having 18mm key pitch.

LG Rolly Keyboard is the next best thing to desktop keyboard for your smartphone and tablet

The fold out arm of the keyboard can support smartphones and tablet of any size (preferably up to 10 inches) which makes it easy for you to use a plethora of devices without the need to switch to compatible keyboard accessories. This keyboard can pair with two devices via Bluetooth 3.0 at the same time which is a very good feature for people with multiple devices that they use frequently. You just have to press a key to toggle between the two devices.

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices

Unroll it and start your tasks in a jiffy

The keyboard runs on a single AAA battery that lasts for almost 3 months before needing replacement. LG Rolly keyboard will released in United States in September and markets in Europe, Latin America and Asia in the fourth quarter of 2015. The price and other details are expected to be revealed at IFA 2015 and if you happen to be in Berlin during 4-9 September, you would want to see this rolling keyboard in Hall 18 of Messe Berlin, Germany.

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices

Roll it up and take it along with you in a bag

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices

Will make its first appearance at IFA 2015 in Berlin

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