Dad makes life-size Bumblebee Transformer replica for his demanding son

Bumblebee Transformer replica by Wang Liansheng

After watching the latest Transformers: Age of Extinction movie, Wang Liansheng’s son wanted a big transformer toy of his own. Wang, who is a local shipyard welder in Suqian City of East China’s Jiangsu province bought a toy transformer replica for the kid, but he wanted a bigger one! That motivated the creative dad to start building a 5 meter tall Bumblebee Transformer from discarded automotive parts and it took him almost a year to achieve the desired result. And just for the records, he promised his son to make a cool life-sized transformer and fulfilled the promise with heart.

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With help from his brother, Wang managed to craft this tall transformer all by himself and now it stands proudly in his house backyard. He collected discarded auto parts from the nearby car factory and recycling center to make it happen. The locals and people from nearby villages have been keen on seeing this transformer and have visited the town to see Wang’s creation. The structure is 3 meters wide and weighs 3 tons in total, making it a stable enough to take the weight of a full grown adult.

Bumblebee Transformer replica by Wang Liansheng_1

Now this welder who has an experience of over 10 years in welding wants to make an Optimus Prime replica and many more. He has already started working on it and seeing the Bumblebee that he made, it looks likely that the next one will be as good as this one, if not better.

Bumblebee Transformer replica by Wang Liansheng_4

Bumblebee Transformer replica by Wang Liansheng_3

Bumblebee Transformer replica by Wang Liansheng_2

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