People in Seattle rode crazy Mad Max vehicles and you missed the chance!

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber_69

Uber is always on the lookout for niche ways to promote their services and their latest promotion idea just got viral. To take advantage of the release of Mad Max game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows PC platforms, Uber joined hands with Warner Bros. to give free rides to the residents of downtown Seattle in Mad Max themed vehicles. The timing was perfect as they showcased this promotion move at the PAX gaming convention.

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber_3

The game is released today and as a build-up to the event, people in Seattle enjoyed ride of a lifetime in one of the six Mad Max themed vehicles from August 28 to August 31. The vehicles were not as ferocious as the ones shown in the movie or the game trailer, since there would be a question on them being road legal. But Uber and Warner Bros. pushed the envelope of creativity which prompted Mad Max fans to dress-up in the crazy attire and ride downtown in a post-apocalyptic feel.

Many people tweeted their pictures riding the cool vehicles and exclaimed their joy at this once in a lifetime opportunity. In their press release Uber perfectly put forward that “our dollars are worthless in the Wasteland. Payment shall not be required.”

The promotional campaign turned out to be a huge success and the Mad Max game is now available for purchase, so go get it right away!

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber_1

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber_2

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber_5

mad max game promotional campaign by Uber

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