The Swarm: Multi-rotor super drone with a crazy dude riding it in flight!

The Swarm super drone

All the drones that we have seen so far have been interesting, but none compares to this gigantic manned vehicle which is driven by a swarm of quadcopters working in harmony. Created by a Brit who is a diehard aviation fanatic, this super drone is a combination of 54 polycarbonate drones fitted into a metal frame, capable of lifting a full-grown adult off the ground and in the air. Youtube user [Gas Turbine 101] has named his creation “The Swarm” inspired by the sound all these drones make together which is more like the buzzing of bees around a beehive.

All these counter rotating propellers are connected to a six grouped control channels with Hobbyking stabilization which makes possible such flight. Technically the super drone can lift 360 pounds of weight in the air for about 10 minutes up to a height of around 15-20 feet (approx.)

As you can see in the video, the maker shows how the super drone is able to carry him in the air, reminding me of the Wright brothers who developed the first ever fixed-wing aircraft.

Not much has been explained by the maker about The Swarm but we expect to see more test flights and the ultimate aim for making this huge rig. I’m sure many of you notorious ones will get the idea of making something similar yourself, but just one piece of advice, do test it in an open field dude!

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