Your iPhone is now compatible with Android Wear smartwatches

Android Wear smartwatches now compatible with Apple iPhone

Cross-platform compatibility is what we all crave for, and the same is true for smartwatches and their compatible mobile devices. Till now you could only use your Android Wear smartwatch with a compatible Android phone but now Google has announced that iPhones will also be compatible with Android Wear platform. This comes as a welcome news for users who don’t want to buy the expensive (and feature redundant) Apple Watch and always wished that they could use the feature-rich Android Wear smartwatches.

The customizable option for watch faces and other features give Android Wear an edge over watchOS 2. Moreover, the options for Android Wear powered smartwatches is far more than just the Apple Watch. According to the official Google Blogspot, iOS devices will work with the swanky LG Watch Urbane and smartwatches from other major wearable manufacturer’s like Huawei, Asus, Motorola and many more.

There are going to be many more electronic gadget manufacturer’s who are going to be influenced into making smartwatches, since this move will extend their domain of prospect buyers beyond. Not only will the people using Android devices be prompted into buying a smartwatch at some point in the coming future, but it will influence iPhone and iPad users also to go for this stylish modern gadget.

Source: GoogleBlogspot



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