IFA 2015: Asus GX700 water-cooled laptop with a powerful GPU

Asus GX700 gaming laptop

Asus has unveiled the world’s first water-cooled laptop at IFA 2015 as an addition to its ROG (Republic of Gamers) lineup. The Asus GX700 laptop will have the water-cooled compartment attached to its back section and it is removable for times when you are not gaming. This 17-inch gaming laptop will boast a 4K display and will be powered by overclockable quad-core Skylake Intel K-Series processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card.

Asus GX700 laptop

Although laptops were originally meant to be compact and ultra-portable, this new kind of a design questions the inherent use of a laptop. But, anyways the huge radiator like accessory sticking to its back side does a good job of keeping things cool even during graphics-intensive gaming action. This powerful laptop is going to have the all new Windows 10 OS and you can be rest assured it will be able to take any memory intensive task that you throw at it.

Asus hasn’t revealed much about this laptop and we expect to see a detailed list of the specifications and other features in the coming days.

Source: Asus



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