Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti Chiron, the next successor of Bugatti Veyron is all set to be launched next year, but as a bonus Bugatti wants to acknowledge the love and appreciation of its fans worldwide. To do that, the French super car maker has teamed-up with Polyphony Digital Inc. (Maker of Gran Turismo video game) and come-up with a virtual concept Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo which will be revealed at the 66th International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. It also pays homage to the brand’s racing legacy and rememberable victories in Le Mans 24-hour races.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is a pure racer at the heart and on the outside which is evident by the aerodynamic design with sleek flowing lines. Taking inspiration from the Bugatti Type 57 Tank race car which won the 24-hour Le Mans race in 1937 and 1939, this circuit racing concept has a two tones blue finish. Bugatti made it a point to design the car with high performance-oriented credentials and at the same time preserving the classic supercar look which is stamped with Bugatti’s brand value from every angle.

The makers like to call it “the beauty and the beast” because it has the performance of a beast and the styling cues of a car that would make you skip a heartbeat. Distinguishing elements of the car include, central front air intake and the aerodynamic front splitter which flows perfectly into the eight-eyed headlights specially designed for this concept.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

You’ll notice two distinct fins on the front and rear wings which contribute to the look and dynamic stability at high speeds. There is also a Nascar like air intake which further reduces aerodynamic drag and in no way hampers the functioning of rear wing. The trailing edge gives stability to the car at high speeds and also lets out the hot air from engine compartment.

According to Frank Heyl, the head of Exterior Design for Production Development at Bugatti

We wanted to create a project as realistic as possible for our fans and put a real Bugatti in the virtual world of the PlayStation video game franchise Every design characteristic is defined by its function. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the perfect symbiosis of engineering and aesthetics.

This car will only be racable in the Gran Turismo game and the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo show car will be displayed from 17–27 September 2015 at the Bugatti exhibit in hall 3.0 of the IAA grounds.

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Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo_3

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Source: Bugatti/GranTurismo



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