Revolutionary umbrella design that solves an age old problem!

Inside out umbrella for monsoons

Japanese are always at the fore-front of innovation when it comes to the little things in life. Small issues that we are all bugged by, but never pay attention to are all in the list of Japanese people to sort out. For example, when it is raining and you have to get in or out of your vehicle with an umbrella it is a big hassle. You have to get out of the car or first open your umbrella and vice versa in order to avoid the rain, but in doing that you get yourself wet. Same is the case when you have to get into the vehicle and close your umbrella. Now, that is something that we all have done, but not yet figured out how to get over.

Umbrella with inside out design that prevents you from getting wet while entering/exiting a vehicle

This intuitive invention is an umbrella that opens/closes completely in the opposite way when compared to a conventional umbrella. The Gax Umbrella by Yuu Trading Corporation uses Insideout technology which took a considerably long time to figure out, but ultimately got done. This unique mechanism allows you to open/close the umbrella without opening the complete door of the car and won’t let you get wet at all.

It looks like any other umbrella that you have seen so far, it’s just the opening method that is very clever and user-friendly for rainy/snowy days, especially. This umbrella can be bought from the product website for 34,000 Yen ($285) which is quite a lot of money for an umbrella. Probably rich brats and people living in regions with high rainfall rate will consider buying it.

Gax Unbrella

Gax Unbrella_1



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  1. Owen El Mickey Mcdermotto says:

    Looks like a complete copy of the KAZbrella to me. . Maybe you should look into this as they are clearly not at the forefront. . . .

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