Smartphone-connected cigarette pack stops you from smoking too much

Lowiee Cigarette pack

As a smoker you must have tried a dozen methods to get rid of this dangerous habit, but as you are reading it right now, chances are you haven’t succeeded much. Don’t worry, there is yet another method that may just be the last thing you did before quitting/lessening your smoking habits. Just like you, most of the smokers are pissed by their habit and are looking out for a way to give it a rest for life. A French start-up called Lowiee could just have the answer to your lingering problem that more often than not also affects your mental health.

Lowiee is a pack of cigarette holding box made from anodized aluminum which secures your cigarettes and only issues them out when wanted. What this means is a goal-oriented smoking habit that you can improve as time goes by and completely give-up on this habit. The smartphone-connected gadget lets you customize the interval and frequency of cigarette smoking by limiting the supply of cigarettes from within the box.

It stops you from smoking unnecessarily and ultimately makes you quit the habit

The box can store 20 cigarettes at a time and once you set the timing of cigarette release only then will it release one cigarette. It has a fingerprint scanner that releases the smoke only when it authenticates you. This also prevents young children from stealing cigarette when you are not around.

Lowiee Cigarette pack

The compatible app gives all the vital information statistics like the number smoked in a week/month and the money saved during the interval. But most importantly it gives you stats like the number of tar consumed and non-absorbed nicotine.

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To give flexibility, the settings of cigarette consumption can be changed any time you want, but at-least it creates a roadblock and sense of guilt. The intuitive gadget is not yet out in the market for purchase, but it will soon be out there. Till then keep an eye on the Lowiee portal and keep tab on other interesting stuff here.

Lowiee Cigarette pack app

Lowiee Cigarette pack

Lowiee Cigarette pack



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