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Apple Event September 9 2015

Alright then, we are into second week of September and it’s iPhone time. Come September 9 and Apple will reveal new iPhones and host of other products at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Since last year’s Apple event, things have slightly changed. Instead of one iPhone, Apple now launches a duo. And this year the event is reportedly the largest ever by Apple, so alongside the large screen iPhone 6s and 6s plus, a host of other products are going to see the light of day; these include, an upgraded Apple TV, a larger iPad, maybe an iPad Mini, a new Apple Watch Sport, more details on iOS 9 and WatchOS 2 and some Apple Watch accessories (new colorful bands).

News is flowing thick and fast from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium where Apple is busily preparing for the largest event in history. How large, only time will tell; but from the fact that Apple is preparing by far the largest venue it has ever launched in, we are really excited. This event is large not only by the magnitude of the venue, but also because Apple is slated to launch more products then it ever has in one go.

Let’s just brief ourselves with possible features we’d find in the new devices when they are released.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus

Apple revamped the iPhone last year and introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. This time we are going to see their successors, which are not going to be too far in appearance and structure from their predecessors. Yes, there are many changes coming to the innards. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus will feature a better/powerful processor, a super performance camera and Force Touch-enabled pressure sensitive screen. Though there is nothing really different in the design of the iPhone 6s from iPhone 6, but it is reported to have a slightly thicker and much stronger aerospace grade 7000 series anodized aluminum coating, which will solve the infamous bendgate issue forever.

Apple TV

The new Apple TV is getting a slimmer form factor with far superior innards. The set-top box will feature A8 chip, come with upgraded RAM and feature a new remote control with haptic touchpad. Apple is also introducing is voice assist Siri to the box and the Apple TV will come with its own Apple TV App Store to allow developers to create third party apps and games for the set-top box. Most interestingly, Apple TV will feature universal search. This would allow users to search any program on various providers like Netflix and iTunes and find out where they can watch it.

Large-screen iPad   

Apple’s new “iPad Pro” or “iPad Plus” is believed to be a large-screen version of the iPad Air. The new iPad will feature an ultra-high resolution 12.9-inch display and a speeding A9 processor. Designed primarily for the enterprise market, the 7mm thick iPad will have an all-new Bluetooth stylus and a novel Force Touch pressure sensitive screen.

Alongside the aforementioned devices, Apple could also unveil –

  • Much thinner and lightweight iPad Mini 4
  • New color variants of Apple Watch Sport. Two additional colors – yellow and gold are expected. The new colors in addition to already available silver and grey could boast the sagging Apple Watch market
  • Alongside details on the free Mac OS X upgrade, the El Capitan; Apple could also announce refreshed hardware for its iMacs
  • A watchOS 2 update is likely. The update could reveal new features and upgrades
  • Apple could have significant updates to iOS 9, its latest versions of the mobile operating system

Know all about how it unfolds on Sept. 9

Apple for the first time has widened the availability of its event livestreaming. Now even Windows PCs using Microsoft Edge will be able to see the biggest Apple event live. It will be for the first time that PC users will see an Apple event as it happens. Earlier, Microsoft users haven’t been able to tune into livestreams since, Apple used its own HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. This time Apple is offering its livestream on a special site for all users. Apple also has a special events page where the event will be replayed soon after it finishes.



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