Turn your Raspberry Pi into 7-inch touchscreen tablet for $60

Raspberry Pi 7-inch touchscreen tablet

If you ask me, there is no better low cost computer than Raspberry Pi. For anyone who has played with the Raspberry Pi knows it well. Now, if wanted a touchscreen display to tinker with your Pi; Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a $60 7-inch touch display that is good to transform the mini-computer into a tablet. This sure isn’t going as impressive as one of the mainstream tablets from Samsung or Apple, but for $60 you can’t ask for more.

Currently, the display offers 800×480 pixels resolution on a 10 point capacitive touchscreen, which can display videos at 60 frames per second in 24-bit color. The 7-inch touchscreen Raspberry Pi will have a 70-degree viewing angle.

Raspberry Pi 7-inch touchscreen tablet

Connecting the display to Pi

The touchscreen module features a LCD display and a conversion board that plugs into the mini-computer’s display connector. One needs to be careful while connecting the screen to the display connector, since Raspberry Pi’s display connector and the camera connector look pretty similar and latter is not compatible with the touch display.

Power up the display

Though, there is just one way to connect the display to the Raspberry Pi; there are three ways to power the display. You can either add a separate 500mA uUSB power supply or attach official 2A Raspberry Pi power supply or simply attach a pair of accompanying GPIO jumpers.

Raspberry Pi 7-inch touchscreen tablet

Once the touch display is connected and the power supply is up and running; Raspberry Pi will automatically detect the display and it can be used as default display. However, it’s worth noting that HDMI will still remain initialized, one can switch to dual display at any time. Check the video demonstration below.

Via: RaspberryPi



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