GoPro Odyssey 360-degree camera rig with 16 Hero4’s onboard

GoPro Odyssey-1

Google or Alphabet, if I may, is venturing into virtual reality far more fiercely than ever before. Back in May Google in partnership with GoPro had introduced us to “Jump” (how it was called back then) – a 360 degree camera rig comprising 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras that capture stereoscopic images. If you had seen the Jump back then and wanted to own one (for some reason) then feel lucky, Google and GoPro have divulged details of the camera and its coming soon.

To be available in very limited quantity in November, the camera rig – official called the GoPro Odyssey – consists of 16 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras placed precisely to shoot stereoscopic images in 360-degree.

GoPro Odyssey

The Odyssey panoramic rig, we learn, measures 2.6-inches high and 11.6-inches in diameter and is capable of shooting 8K spherical videos at 30fps. Weighing at only 14.5 pounds, the GoPro Odyssey comes with necessary cables and other accessories including pelican case, 16 GoPro Hero4 cameras and 16 microSD memory cards all at an asking price of $15,000.

GoPro Odyssey inclusions

That price tag certainly doesn’t make the GoPro Odyssey any cheap, considering you can buy 16 Hero4 action cameras for roughly $8000.

Google realizes this; therefore, GoPro Odyssey isn’t for everybody. It will be available to select professionals only. If you want one, head over to GoPro’s website and register yourself for a unit.

GoPro Odyssey-2



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