Apple could have fuel cell-powered MacBook that’ll run for weeks without charging

fuel cell-powered MacBook

Apple fanboys are eagerly awaiting the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. Besides the new iPhones, Apple will be launching an improvised Apple TV and a large-screen iPad at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Well, that will be from the Apple event later today (September 9), for now, let’s learn what Apple may be cooking for one of its events in coming years. The Cupertino tech giant is looking to build fuel cell powered electronics which could use various energy sources and run for days without recharging – at least the patent points at that.

According to a patent revealed recently (on September 3), Apple is working on a Fuel Cell System to power portable computing devices. The patent was filed back in March, 2015 and it points at a fuel cell powered MacBook.

The system includes a fuel cell stack which converts fuel into electrical power. It also includes a fuel source such as sodium borohydride and water; sodium silicate and water; lithium hydride and water for the fuel cell stack and a controller, which controls operation of the fuel cell system.

The fuel cell system is also equipped with an interface for portable computing devices. The interface embraces a power link that provides energy to the portable computing device and a bidirectional communication link. It provides bidirectional communication between the portable computing device and the controller for the fuel cell system.

MacBook will draw power from a fuel cartridge which is detachably affixed to the fuel cell system. Once a fuel source runs out, the owner would have to replace a fuel-filled cartridge instead of recharging it. Apple claims that the fuel cell-powered devices will run for days and even weeks without recharging. Well, that’s a long way from now, as for now we can only hope that someday we’ll get our hands on a Fuel cell powered MacBook.

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