Immersive Math e-book makes Algebra interactive and fun to learn

Immersive Math e-book

There are very few kids who seem interested in Mathematics; for a large population Maths is just another word for nightmare. As a kid, I never liked the subject especially Algebra (one of its branches) which used to scare the hell out me. Hard to grasp and understand, Algebra seems to be the most complicated branch of mathematics for a student. Well, the sweating and fever before a math exam is likely to go away with the development of Immersive Math e-book. Publicized as the world’s first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures, Immersive Math explains the gruesome techniques and complex formulas with simple games, illustrations, and even ray tracing programs.

Immersive Math e-book was developed by a three-man team over the course of three years. With backgrounds in mathematics, computer graphics and image coding; the team worked on a sporadic basis for the project. The e-book uses open technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, SVG and MathJax, a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers.

For interactive illustrations to go with the e-book, the team has developed their own engine, and soon will be adding WebGL to the Immersive Book.

Currently only four chapters from the e-book are available, however the team is determined to complete the rest of the volume by the summer of 2016. They hope that their book will be first in the series and would love to see authors work on books with their developed system.

Via: Arstechnica



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