iPhone 6S Plus announced, most important things to know

iPhone 6S Plus

As rumors had it, the iPhone 6S Plus, announced alongside iPhone 6S at Apple’s recently concluded press event in San Francisco, retains the same 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 6 Plus announced last year. So, what has changed you ask? Well, the design is the same, but the new iPhone is covered with tougher glass that, according to Apple, is the strongest in the industry. Apple claims, the iPhone 6S Plus is the most advanced smartphone yet.

A sturdier design

The glass display is built of Ion-X, which is the same display used on Apple Watch Sport. The aluminum casing on the iPhone 6S Plus is stronger and more durable than on the iPhone 6 Plus, which faced bendgate issues. This new iPhone is cased in Apple custom aluminum alloy of 7000-series aluminum, the same alloys used in the aerospace industry – goodbye bendgate!

Force Touch is here

As expected, the iPhone 6S Plus has Force Touch capability that allows the phone to detect where and how hard you’re pressing on the screen. It also features 3D Touch, the version of Force Touch, which Apple first introduced with MacBook touchpad.

Faster and efficient processing

The upgraded iOS running iPhone 6S Plus comes with a newly developed A9 chip inside, which makes the iPhone 6S Plus almost 70 percent faster and ever more efficient than the iPhone 6 Plus with A8 processor.  The new processor also makes the iPhone 6S Plus 90 percent faster with graphics.

Camera is simply awesome

The iPhone 6S Plus features 12MP rear iSight camera and an impressive 5MP front-facing camera. The front camera comes with Retina Flash that’s almost 3 times brighter than your regular LED flash. While the rear camera, amongst all the other things that iPhone 6 Plus camera can do, can also shoot and edit 4K videos.

iPhone 6S Plus

Introducing Live Photos

In the iPhone 6S Plus, Apple has introduced a new feature it calls Live Photos. Using its 3D Touch feature, the phone can capture 1.5 seconds before and after the shutter button is pulled. This footage is 12MP shot on either side of the photo you were clicking. So, when you view the shot later, the photo plays like a short video – technically though it’s not a video.

Live Photos, we learn, is the default mode for all clicked photos with the iPhone 6S Plus. So, for every 12MP picture clicked you are going to end up utilizing twice the space you would ideal take up. Interestingly, if you transfer photos from one device to another, Live Photos will be standard across entire Apple product range including iOS, WatchOS and OS X El Capitan Macs.

3D Touch finally comes to iPhone

One of the most exciting new features on the iPhone 6S Plus is the 3D Touch functionality, which is similar to Force Touch on Apple Watch. 3D Touch basically allows a user to press down on the 6S Plus’ screen to interact in a new way – one can press to clear all notifications, pull up new menus or activate shortcuts.

3D Touch allows the iPhone 6S Plus to distinguish a soft touch from a deeper one. The soft and deep touch is described as ‘peek’ and ‘pop’ by Apple. To use 3D Touch effectively, you’ll have to learn the new ‘peek’ and ‘pop’ gestures. Peek is a light touch to preview and Pop is a stronger touch to go inside the information.  Say for example, in a mail a soft touch (Peek) will let users preview an email, while a deeper press (Pop) would let them read the email.

Pricing and availability

Apple is flowing the traditional pricing tier for iPhone 6S Plus. The entry level 16GB model will cost $299 on two year contract. 64GB and 128GB models will start at $399 and $499 respectively. Apple will start taking preorders for iPhone 6S Plus on September 12 and the phone will be available from September 25 in new rose gold and traditional silver, gold and space grey colors.

In case you don’t want an iPhone 6S Plus tied to a contract, Apple has a new payment process for you. You can pay in installments of $32 per month. This option will let you trade your iPhone for a new one each year. iPhone Upgrade Program, as it’s called, will be available only at Apple Stores in the United States. If you’re interested, you can make reservations beginning September 12, at the same time when the iPhone 6S Plus will be launched for preorder.



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