Guy shows crazy drifting skills driving a bathub in Swiss mountains!

Hannes Roth bathtub drifting Bergrennen Reitnau

Drifting as a sport is the epitome of car control and skill that only a few can master. Be it performing doughnuts on street circuit or climbing uphill on a curvy road while drifting like a pro. Drifting is something that all want to perform but only a few can pull-off with style and panache. But drifting on a bathtub with a set of wheels is completely out of the league and something that you might not have witnessed so far in your lifetime.

Hannes Roth, a Swiss engineer decided to add a motorcycle engine, chassis of a Go-kart, racing bucket seat and other mechanical components to a bathtub and convert it from a mere bathing luxury into a drifting juggernaut. To complete the craziness of this drifter Hannes attached a shower head to it.

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As you can see in the video, this bloke manages to drift his bathtub on wheels with utmost precision and at the end of the run even manages to pull-off doughnuts to show-off his ride while burning the rubber at the annual Bergrennen Reitnau hillclimb in Switzerland.

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