9-year-old kid makes Rubik’s Cube solving Lego robot

Noah Hinkle Lego Robot that solves Rubiks cube

One look at this 9-year-old from Missouri and you won’t believe what he has made with little help from his father. Noah Hinkle has made a robot from Lego kit that he bought in the supermarket and it can solve the complex Rubik’s Cube on its own. The brain of this robot is an Arduino that gives command to servo motors which move the Rubik Cube in desired direction using robotic arms and to move it the other way he made a base plate of Legos that moves in circular direction. In the end it managed to solve the Rubik’s cube without a problem in 42 moves taking just 2 minutes and 23 seconds to solve it fully on each side.

It took him 500 Legos to make this robot and he attached sensors to the bottom and side of the arms to locate the cube’s position. Although it is not clear how the Lego robot manages to determine the next move to solve the Rubik’s cube, but most probably it is attached to some kind of software that does all the brain-work.

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I still find it hard to believe that the kid has made the Lego Robot so complex all by himself. I bet his father has a major role in figuring out all the electronics and the mechanism to make it work. Any which way it is a cool creation that will inspire many to come-up with some cool robotics projects.

Noah Hinkle Lego Robot that solves Rubiks cube




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