Cold Boy – Mini fridge turned into a Game Boy machine, boy oh boy!

Cold Boy Mini Fridge turned into Game Boy

What does it take to be creative and do something that somebody never even though of doing? Actually not much, but this mental barrier is too over-whelming for most of us to cross. That however is not the case with Daniel d’Entremont who is an art history major. As opposed to his academic pursuit this bloke decided to run his imagination wild and turn a mini fridge into a Game Boy, all by himself. The inspiration, well, he used to look at his fridge and always wondered how it looked like a Nintendo Game Boy, so decided to turn it into one.

He likes to call it the Cold Boy that is quite obvious though, and for the records he has submitted it as an entry for Bit Fix Gaming. Alright, now coming on to the make process of this cool mod (literally), he used an old desktop monitor, keyboard, wood to make the buttons and Raspberry Pi 2 to do all the brainwork. The computer screen’s bezel is fixed to the fridge’ door and all the wiring and other bits fit inside the hollow fridge that now (most probably) does no cooling at all.

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Daniel has connected the carved out wooden buttons that look very similar to the buttons on handheld Game Boy and attached it to the keyboard buttons for input. Button like the A, B, UP, DOWN etc. are attached to their exact input button on the keyboard which is hidden inside the fridge.

The mod is more or less complete and Daniel admits that he is going to tinker the look a bit more to make it look exactly like the Nintendo Game Boy. Well done dude, you probably should make a switch to the computer science dept. as soon as possible, because history is not your game at all, you’ll do good as hardcore geek for sure!

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