Canon shows its VR headset prototype having 120 degree FOV

Canon VR headset

The fight for VR headset supremacy is still in its infancy stage and developers of virtual reality hardware are exploring new ways to provide the user with exactly what is needed. Canon joined that fight with their secretive VR headset prototype that was shown-off at 2015 Expo in New York last week. Unlike other virtual reality headsets, Canon has opted for a handheld design which feels more like a periscope. Canon hasn’t named or revealed much of the VR headset and is under development for further improvements and addition of more features.

Canon VR headset

VR headset has sharp imagery and no blind spots which is good sign for developers

The VR headset sports 5.5-inch LCD panels, both having a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (2.5K Resolution) @538ppi and video recorded content at 56000 x 28000 resolution (5K) which by the way is far superior to any current augmented reality headsets. For now it has a 120 degree field-of-view and multi-directional sound to compliment the visual content. Apparently, this is not the first time Canon has forayed into the AR segment as they developed a handheld display for its MREAL System for Mixed Reality (MR) almost two years ago, but that wasn’t ready for commercial market and vanished in thin air after some time.

According to PopSci who got their hands on the VR headset, it looked quite raw on the outside, but was impressive for its sharp image quality and tacked image content very seamlessly. Content demonstrated on the headset was shot using seven 6D cameras and a 24 camcorder setup.

Canon representatives confirmed that unlike the current prototype version that is handheld, the final version could be a head-mounted version. That clearly shows that Canon is going to release a consumer version of this product in the coming months which is good news.

Credit: PopSci



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