Facebook secretly working on a virtual reality 360-degree video app

Facebook virtual reality video app

Mark Zuckerberg strongly believes that virtual reality is the future of computing platforms and there is no doubting that. Probably for that very reason Facebook is developing a stand-alone video app under cover that has virtual reality stamped all over it. According to Wall Street Journal, this app will have 360-degree or spherical videos which will be a collection of stitched videos compiled from multiple cameras, thereby allowing users to change their FOV (Field of View) just by tilting the phone in any direction.

In a way it is going to be like the Google Street View app which gives a 360-degree view of the scene in front, the difference is going to be that instead of images the Facebook app will use videos.

The app is in its early stages of development and Facebook who have acquired Oculus last year will bring the VR headset into play with app I believe. More likelihood of this app being a reality is the fact that Zuckerberg said in March that Facebook will support spherical videos in its news feed with the ability to move around inside the video.

With Oculus VR headset, Facebook has already expressed their keen interest in VR applications and this mystery video app will further strengthen their portfolio for the future of computing.

Credit: WallStreetJournal



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