Reasons why “Porsche Mission E” electric sports sedan poses a threat to Tesla Model S

Porsche Mission E Electric car

Porsche has unveiled the Mission E, electric car at the pre-IAA conference and it looks good to give Tesla Motors Model S’s next version some stern competition. This is going to be the brand’s first all-electrically powered four-seat sports car that is tailor-made for the coming future. It is a mix of power, fuel-efficiency and reliability which all are crucial factors in an electric car that lure-in buyers. In their press note Porsche have given details about the car’s performance and in-car features that go very well with the craving of customers who want their car to be as tech savvy as their gadgets.

Surprisingly Mission E has slightly more power than Porsche’s 3.8-liter six cylinder 911 Turbo with a power output of 600 bhp produced from two electric motors. It can go from 0-100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 12 seconds flat which is impressive for an electric drive train vehicle. The car can go a distance of 500 km on one full charge, and should be a standout feature when compared to other electric cars.And mind you, the vehicle functions can be configured/tweaked on your tablet/smartphone with Porsche Car Connect app.

Porsche Mission E Electric car

# Drive train

Porsche Mission E Electric car

Mission E has two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and all-wheel drive system with Porsche Torque Vectoring that distributes torque to all the wheels. Combined with the all-wheel steering, the power is translated into speed which makes the car go fast diving into turns and while exiting them.

# Body design

Porsche Mission E Electric car

Porsche Mission E has a flowing design from the front right to the rear and a low height of 130 cm which gives it an automatic aerodynamic advantage. The flowing design is well-complimented by air inlets and outlets on the front, sides and rear. You can very clearly see the glimpses of a Porsche race car, 911 GT3 RS and 918 Spyder in it. Matching its futuristic design are the matrix LED headlights with a very distinctive four-point light design.

Porsche Mission E Electric car

# Mileage

Porsche Mission E Electric car

If you charge Mission E for just 15 minutes you’ll have enough charge to go 400 km on economic driving mode. The innovative 800-volt technology has a shorter charging time and the unique Porsche Turbo Charging system lets you charge it by parking over an inductive charging coil in the floor of the garage. So, no wires, no clutter and the easiest way to charge your car.

# Driving pleasure

Porsche Mission E Electric car

The car has a low center of gravity, wide tires and well-distributed weight ratio which makes it firmly glued to the road on high speeds. Mission E is made from aluminum composite, steel and carbon fiber which all make it strong and light-weight. Also it gives the car a good speed boost and acceleration which increases the overall performance.

Porsche Mission E Electric car_33


Porsche Mission E Electric car

As you would expect the interiors are also draped in a very 2050’s like design with Porsche style and class very evident in every element. There is no transmission tunnel (remember it’s an electric vehicle) and gives more volume to the space. The rear bucket seats give the passengers a whole new experience of travelling in a sports car like setup.

Porsche Mission E Electric car

# Dashboard and display

Porsche Mission E Electric car

The Porsche Mission E surprises with its futuristic looking display and control system which has a curved and low positioning. All the instrument panels and other information is displayed using OLED technology depending on driver’s preferences. But the stand-out feature is an eye-tracking system that detects driver’s focus on the panel and with the push of a button on the steering the sub-menus open. The steering wheel doesn’t block the view of the dashboard instrument display since it has a parallax effect which adjusts itself depending on the positioning of driver.

Porsche Mission E Electric car interiors

# Security

Porsche Mission E Electric car

The car comes with a digital key feature which lets the owner open the doors and secure it from thefts. Also, the owner can send this digital key to friends and family for use during certain specified time frame or for certain locations.

Porsche Mission E Electric car

Porsche Mission E Electric car

Porsche Mission E Electric car_16

Porsche Mission E Electric car_11

Porsche Mission E Electric car_10

Porsche Mission E Electric car_13

Porsche Mission E Electric car_1

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