Mercedes IAA Concept transforms into an aerodynamically tuned racer at high speeds

Mercedes Concept IAA

Frankfurt Motor Show is just around the corner and world’s leading automakers will use this platform to showcase their developments in the last year or so. Mercedes-Benz has given a glimpse of what they think the future of automotive design will be like as they have teased the Concept IAA (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile) at the IAA Cars 2015. The petrol/electric plug-in hybrid is actually two cars in one, since it automatically changes form factor when reaching speeds of 80 km/h or more. The car has visible design adaptation from the self-driving Mercedes F 015 concept revealed at CES 2015.

The transforming car’s design aids in the aerodynamic efficiency and helps it gain more top speed and reduce drag. Transformation happens at front and rear end of the car where shape-changing sections extend its length by 390 mm. Also the bumper flaps on front by 25 mm and to the rear by 20mm. The underbody airflow is improved as the louvre in front bumper moves 60 mm to the rear and the wheel rims also close the cuppings for smooth air flow on the sides.
This four-door coupe has futuristic interiors with contrasting colors made in aluminum and cut glass material. All the functions are touch based in the steering as well as the dashboard to go through instrument cluster menu or other elements.

The Frankfurt Motor Show is just couple of days away from going live and it will be interesting to see this concept car live in action.

Mercedes Concept IAA

Mercedes Concept IAA

Mercedes Concept IAA_3

Mercedes Concept IAA_2

Mercedes Concept IAA_1

Mercedes Concept IAA

Mercedes Concept IAA_8

Mercedes Concept IAA_7

Mercedes Concept IAA_5



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